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Selected Verse: Luke 4:41 - King James

Verse         Translation Text
Lu 4:41 King James And devils also came out of many, crying out, and saying, Thou art Christ the Son of God. And he rebuking them suffered them not to speak: for they knew that he was Christ.

Summary of TSK Words/Phrases Associated With The Selected Verse

lu 4:34,35 mr 1:25,34 mr 3:11    
mt 8:29 mt 26:63 joh 20:31 ac 16:17,18 jas 2:19

crying - Lu 4:34,35 - King James

Verse         Other Content       Text
Lu 4:34 C D S T Saying, Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art; the Holy One of God.
Lu 4:35 C D S T K And Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy peace, and come out of him. And when the devil had thrown him in the midst, he came out of him, and hurt him not.