Nave's Topical Bible and TSK

Name Brief Description
Nave's Topical Bible Nave's Topical Bible is a book written by Orville J. Nave and published by Thomas Nelson Publishers.  It is a topical concordance of the Bible, and contains biblical references to over 20,000 topics. Verses are quoted over 100,000 times, consisting of verses, parts of verses, series of verses, and chapters.  It should be noted however that the same verse citation may appear under more than one topic heading. The topic headings are broad, covering many religious concepts, geographical regions, and names of biblical figures.  While concepts such as salvation, worship, godlessness, and religious coercion are included, a wide range of non-religious topics, such as biblical references to ropes, are also included.   This reflects the author's intention, as stated in the book's preface, to "note and classify everything found in the Scriptures".
TSK The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (TSK) was originally compiled by Thomas Scott and published around 1836.  Most of the references were taken from Scott's Commentary on the Bible, and were supplemented with others from the center column of the English Polyglot Bible.   The most thorough source of cross-references available, over 500,000 entries in all.  Cross-references are attached to key words and phrases from each verse so you can easily follow a word, phrase or theme throughout the biblical text.  These cross-references lead you to related passages and allow the Bible to "comment" on itself.