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Selected Verse: Luke 11:45 - King James

Verse         Translation Text
Lu 11:45 King James Then answered one of the lawyers, and said unto him, Master, thus saying thou reproachest us also.

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1ki 22:8 jer 6:10 jer 20:8 am 7:10-13 joh 7:7,48
joh 9:40        

thou - 1Ki 22:8 - King James

Verse         Other Content       Text
1Ki 22:8 C D S T K And the king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat, There is yet one man, Micaiah the son of Imlah, by whom we may enquire of the LORD: but I hate him; for he doth not prophesy good concerning me, but evil. And Jehoshaphat said, Let not the king say so.