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Strong Concordance 1Sa 22:23 Abide [03427] thou with me, fear [03372] not: for he that seeketh [01245] my life [05315] seeketh [01245] thy life [05315]: but with me thou shalt be in safeguard [04931].

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
LIFE In the Bible, is either natural, Ge 3:17; spiritual, that of the renewed soul, Ro 8:6; or eternal, a holy and blissful immortality, Joh 3:36 Ro 6:23. Christ is the great Author of natural life, Col 1:16; and also of spiritual and eternal life; Joh 14:6 6:47. He has purchased these by laying down his own life; and gives them freely to his people, Joh 10:11,28. He is the spring of all their spiritual life on earth, Ga 2:20; will raise them up at the last day; and make them partakers for ever of his own life, Joh 11:25 14:19.