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Strong Concordance Heb 9:2 For [1063] there was [2680] a tabernacle [4633] made [2680]; the first [4413], wherein [1722] [3739] [5037] was the candlestick [3087], and [2532] the table [5132], and [2532] the shewbread [4286] [740]; which [3748] is called [3004] the sanctuary [39].

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CANDLESTICK In the tabernacle, the golden candlestick stood on the left hand of one entering the Holy Place, opposite the table of showbread. It consisted of a pedestal; an upright shaft; six arms, three on one side and three on the opposite side of the shaft; and seven lamps surmounting the shaft and arms. The arms were adorned with three kinds of carved ornaments, called cups, globes, and blossoms. Its lamps were supplied with pure olive oil, and lighted every evening, Ex 25:31-40 30:7,8 37:17-24 Le 24:1-3 1Sa 3:3 2Ch 13:11. In the first temple there were ten candelabra of pure gold, half of them standing on the north, and half on the south side, within the Holy Place, 1Ki 7:49,50 2Ch 4:7 Jer 52:19. In the second temple there was but one, resembling that of the tabernacle. This was carried to Rome, on the destruction of Jerusalem; it was lodged in Vespasian's temple to Peace, and copied on the triumphal arch of Titus, where its mutilated image is yet to be seen. See the beautiful and significant visions of the candlestick by Zechariah and John, Zec 4:2-12 Re 1:12,20.