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Strong Concordance Heb 11:28 Through faith [4102] he kept [4160] the passover [3957], and [2532] the sprinkling [4378] of blood [129], lest [3363] he that destroyed [3645] the firstborn [4416] should touch [2345] them [846].

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
BLOOD The life of all animals was regarded as especially in the blood, which was a sacred and essential part of the sacrifices offered to God, Heb 9:22. It was solemnly sprinkled upon the altar and the mercy seat, "for it is the blood that maketh atonement for the soul," Le 17:1-16 the life of the victim for the life of the sinner. It was therefore most sacredly associated with the blood of the Lamb of God which "cleanseth us from all sin," Eph 1:7 1Jo 1:7. Hence the strict prohibition renewed in Ac 15:29. In direct opposition to this are the heathen customs of drinking the blood of animals and even of men- of eating raw flesh, with the blood, and even fresh cut from the living animal, 1Sa 14:32 Ps 16:4 Eze 33:25.

Besides the ordinary meaning of the word blood, it often signifies the guilt of murder, 2Sa 3:28 Ac 27:25; also relationship or consanguinity. "Flesh and blood" are placed in contrast with a spiritual nature, Mt 16:17, the glorified body, 1Co 15:50, and evil spirits, Eph 6:12. The cause "between blood and blood," De 17:8, was one where life was depending on the judgment rendered.