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Strong Concordance De 13:13 Certain men [0582], the children [01121] of Belial [01100], are gone out [03318] from among [07130] you, and have withdrawn [05080] the inhabitants [03427] of their city [05892], saying [0559], Let us go [03212] and serve [05647] other [0312] gods [0430], which ye have not known [03045];

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
BELIAL Worthlessness, always so used in a moral sense. A man or son of Belial is a wicked, worthless man; one resolved to endure no subjection; a rebel; a disobedient, uncontrollable fellow, Jud 19:22 1Sa 2:12. In later writings, Belial is put for the power or lord of evil, Satan, 2Co 6:15.