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Strong Concordance 1Co 4:5 Therefore [5620] judge [2919] nothing [3361] [5100] before [4253] the time [2540], until [2193] [302] the Lord [2962] come [2064], who [3739] both [2532] will bring to light [5461] the hidden things [2927] of darkness [4655], and [2532] will makeong> manifest [5319] the counsels [1012] of the hearts [2588]: and [2532] then [5119] shall every man [1538] have [1096] praise [1868] of [575] God [2316].

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
DARKNESS The absence of natural light, Ge 1:2, and hence figuratively a state of misery and adversity, Job 18:6 Ps 107:10 Isa 8:22 9:1; also the absence of the sun and stars, and hence the fall of chief men and national convulsions, Isa 13:10 Ac 2:20. "Works of darkness," are the impure mysteries practiced in heathen worship, Eph 5:11. "Outer darkness" illustrates the gloom of those on whom the gates of heaven are closed, Mt 8:12. The darkness in Egypt, Ex 10:21-23, was miraculous; also that which covered all Judea with sympathetic gloom at the crucifixion of Christ, Lu 23:43. This could not have been caused by an eclipse of the sun; for at Passover the moon was full, and on the opposite side of the earth from the sun.