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Strong Concordance Da 12:3 And they that be wise [07919] shall shine [02094] as the brightness [02096] of the firmament [07549]; and they that turn many [07227] to righteousness [06663] as the stars [03556] for ever [05769] and ever [05703].

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
FIRMAMENT Ge 1:17, the expanse of the heavens immediately above the earth. The Hebrews seem to have viewed this as an immense crystalline dome, studded with stars, resting on the far distant horizon all around the spectator, and separating the waters above us from those on the earth. Through its windows the rain descended. It is not necessary to suppose they thought it was solid, Ps 19:1; Isa 40:22. It is not the aim of Scripture to give scientific statements of natural phenomena. Teaching religion, not astronomy of physics, it does not anticipate modern discoveries, but speaks of natural objects and occurrences in the common language of men everywhere. Hence, in part, its attractiveness in all ages as a book for the people.