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Strong Concordance Jer 50:37 A sword [02719] is upon their horses [05483], and upon their chariots [07393], and upon all the mingled people [06153] that are in the midst [08432] of her; and they shall become as women [0802]: a sword [02719] is upon her treasures [0214]; and they shall be robbed [0962].

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
CHARIOTS Scripture speaks of two sorts of these: one for princes and generals to ride in, Ge 41:43; the other to break the enemy's battalions, by rushing in among them, being "chariots of iron," that is, armed with iron scythes or hooks, projecting from the ends of the axle-trees. These made terrible havoc. The Canaanites, whom Joshua engaged at the waters of Meron, had horsemen, and a multitude of chariots, Jos 11:4 Jud 1:19. Sisera, general of Jabin king of Hazor, had nine hundred chariots of iron, Jud 4:3. See LITTER.