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Strong Concordance Jer 41:8 But ten [06235] men [0582] were found [04672] among them that said [0559] unto Ishmael [03458], Slay [04191] us not: for we have [03426] treasures [04301] in the field [07704], of wheat [02406], and of barley [08184], and of oil [08081], and of honey [01706]. So he forbare [02308], and slew [04191] them not among [08432] their brethren [0251].

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BARLEY Sown in Palestine in autumn, and reaped in the spring, that is, at the Passover. The Hebrews frequently used barley bread, 2Sa 1:27; 2Ki 4:42; Joh 6:9. Barley also was much used as food for cattle, 1Ki 4:28.