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Strong Concordance Jer 32:44 Men shall buy [07069] fields [07704] for money [03701], and subscribe [03789] evidences [05612], and seal [02856] them, and take [05749] witnesses [05707] in the land [0776] of Benjamin [01144], and in the places about [05439] Jerusalem [03389], and in the cities [05892] of Judah [03063], and in the cities [05892] of the mountains [02022], and in the cities [05892] of the valley [08219], and in the cities [05892] of the south [05045]: for I will cause their captivity [07622] to return [07725], saith [05002] the LORD [03068].

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
BENJAMIN The youngest son of Jacob and Rachel, Ge 35:16-18. Rachel died immediately after he was born, and with her last breath named him Ben-oni, the son of my sorrow; but Jacob called him Benjamin, son of my right hand. He was a great comfort to his father, who saw in him the beloved wife he had buried, and Joseph whose loss he mourned. He could hardly be persuaded to let him go with his brethren to Egypt, Ge 42:38. The tribe of Benjamin was small at first and was almost exterminated in the days of the Judges, Jud 20:1-48, but afterwards greatly increased, 2Ch 14:8 17:17. It was valiant, Ge 49:27, and "beloved of the Lord," dwelling safely by him, De 33:12; for its territory adjoined Judah and the Holy City on the north. At the revolt of the ten tribes, Benjamin adhered to the cause of Judah; and the two tribes were ever afterwards closely united, 1Ki 11:13 12:20 Ezr 4:1 10:9. King Saul and Saul of Tarsus were both Benjamites, Php 3:5.