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Strong Concordance Isa 56:3 Neither let the son [01121] of the stranger [05236], that hath joined [03867] himself to the LORD [03068], speak [0559], saying [0559], The LORD [03068] hath utterly [0914] separated [0914] me from his people [05971]: neither let the eunuch [05631] say [0559], Behold, I am a dry [03002] tree [06086].

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
EUNUCH In the courts of oriental monarchs, the charge of the female and interior apartments is committed to eunuchs. Hence the word came to signify merely a court officer. Such were Potiphar, Joseph's master, Ge 39:17, and the treasurer of Queen Candace, Ac 8:27. Our Savior speaks of some who "have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake;" that is, who have voluntarily abstained from marriage, in order more effectually to labor for the kingdom of God, Mt 19:12; and the apostle Paul commends the same abstinence in certain exceptional cases in time of persecution, 1Co 7:26,27. See GAZA.