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Strong Concordance Es 8:10 And he wrote [03789] in the king [04428] Ahasuerus [0325]' name [08034], and sealed [02856] it with the king's [04428] ring [02885], and sent [07971] letters [05612] by [03027] posts [07323] on horseback [05483], and riders [07392] on mules [07409], camels [0327], and young [01121] dromedaries [07424]:

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
AHASUERUS A royal title, common to several Median and Persian kings named in Scripture.

1. The father of Dares the Mede, Da 9:1. The most probable opinion is that the name here designates Astyages, the grandfather of Cyrus. See below, and DARIUS I.

2. Mentioned Ezr 4:6, the son and successor of Cyrus; probably Cambyses, who reigned seven and a half years from B. C. 529.

3. The husband of Esther, most probably Xerxes. Commentators have been much divided, and have understood under this name all the Persian kings in succession. But the other kings of Persia are all mentioned in Scripture by their own names, or at least definitely pointed out; while Xerxes is not mentioned, unless under this name. Besides, recent researches show that Hebrew word for Ahasuerus is readily formed from the Persian name of Xerxes, the name Xerxes being only a Greek corruption of the Persian. See ESTHER.