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Strong Concordance 2Ch 3:8 And he made [06213] the most [06944] holy [06944] house [01004], the length [0753] whereof was according to [06440] the breadth [07341] of the house [01004], twenty [06242] cubits [0520], and the breadth [07341] thereof twenty [06242] cubits [0520]: and he overlaid [02645] it with fine [02896] gold [02091], amounting to six [08337] hundred [03967] talents [03603].

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
GOLD A well-known valuable metal, found in many parts of the world, and obtained anciently in Ophir, Job 28:16; Parvaim, 2Ch 3:6; Sheba, and Raamah, Eze 27:22. Job alludes to gold in various forms, Job 22:24 28:15-19. Abraham was rich in it, and female ornaments were early made of it, Ge 13:2 24:22,35. It is spoken of throughout Scripture; and the use of it among and ancient Hebrews, in its native and mixed state, and for the same purposes as at present, was very common. The Ark of the Covenant was overlaid with pure gold; the mercy seat, the vessels and utensils belonging to the tabernacle, and those also of the house of the Lord, as well as the drinking-vessels of Solomon, were of gold.