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Strong Concordance 2Ch 16:2 Then Asa [0609] brought out [03318] silver [03701] and gold [02091] out of the treasures [0214] of the house [01004] of the LORD [03068] and of the king's [04428] house [01004], and sent [07971] to Benhadad [01130] king [04428] of Syria [0758], that dwelt [03427] at Damascus [01834], saying [0559],

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
ASA The third king of Judah after Solomon, son and successor of Abijam, 1Ki 15:8. He began to reign B. C. 951, and reigned forty-one years at Jerusalem. The first part of his reign was comparatively peaceful and prosperous. He restored the pure worship of God; expelled those who, from sacrilegious superstition, prostituted themselves in honor of their false gods; purified Jerusalem from the infamous practices attending the worship of idols; and deprived his mother of her office and dignity of queen, because she erected an idol to Astarte. In the eleventh year of his reign, God gave him the victory over the vast army of the Cushite king Zerah; and the prophet Azariah encouraged him to go on in his work of reform. And yet, when Baasha king of Israel opposed this very work, he sought aid not from God, but from heathen Syria. In the latter part of his life, he became diseased in his feet; and Scripture reproaches him with having had recourse to the physicians, rather than to the Lord, 2Ch 16:12. Yet his reign was, on the whole, one of the happiest which Judah enjoyed, and the Bible repeatedly commends his piety as an example. 1Ki 22:43 2Ch 20:32 21:12. His funeral rites were celebrated with special magnificence. There was ill-will and strife between Asa and Baasha all their days, as between Rehoboam and Israel, 1Ki 15:6,16.