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Strong Concordance 2Ki 9:22 And it came to pass, when Joram [03088] saw [07200] Jehu [03058], that he said [0559], Is it peace [07965], Jehu [03058]? And he answered [0559], What peace [07965], so long as [05704] the whoredoms [02183] of thy mother [0517] Jezebel [0348] and her witchcrafts [03785] are so many [07227]?

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JEHU The son of Hanani, a prophet, sent with messages from God to Baasha king of Israel, and many years afterwards, to Jehoshaphat king of Judah, 1Ki 16:1-7 2Ch 19:1-3 20:34.

The "son" of Jehoshaphat and grandson of Nimshi, (compare 1Ki 19:16 2Ki 9:2) a general of the army of Joram, slew his master, and usurped the throne of Israel, B. C. 884. He reigned twentyeight years. See his history in 1Ki 19:16,17 2Ki 9:1-10:36. He fulfilled the divine purpose in extirpating the family of the impious Ahab, and zealously destroyed the priests of Baal and many other friends of Ahab. But his heart was not right with God. The Syrians possessed themselves of his eastern frontier, and his dynasty was cut short in the fourth generation.