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Strong Concordance 2Ki 5:12 Are not Abana [071] [0549] and Pharpar [06554], rivers [05104] of Damascus [01834], better [02896] than all the waters [04325] of Israel [03478]? may I not wash [07364] in them, and be clean [02891]? So he turned [06437] and went away [03212] in a rage [02534].

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Word Easton Dictionary - Definition
ABANA stony (Heb. marg. "Amanah," perennial), the chief river of Damascus (2 Kings 5:12). Its modern name is Barada, the Chrysorrhoas, or "golden stream," of the Greeks. It rises in a cleft of the Anti-Lebanon range, about 23 miles north-west of Damascus, and after flowing southward for a little way parts into three smaller streams, the central one flowing through Damascus, and the other two on each side of the city, diffusing beauty and fertility where otherwise there would be barrenness.