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Strong Concordance 1Ki 1:8 But Zadok [06659] the priest [03548], and Benaiah [01141] the son [01121] of Jehoiada [03077], and Nathan [05416] the prophet [05030], and Shimei [08096], and Rei [07472], and the mighty men [01368] which belonged to David [01732], were not with Adonijah [0138].

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
ADONIJAH The fourth son of David, by Haggith, 2Sa 3:4. After the death of Amnon and Absalom, he aspired to the throne, although it was promised to Solomon, his younger brother. Having gained over Joab and Abiathar and other adherents, he at length openly revolted and claimed the crown while David was yet living. The news of this revolt being brought to the king at once; upon which the friends of Adonijah dispersed, and he took refuge at the horns of the altar. Solomon dismissed him with only an admonition. But soon after the death of David, he applied for the hand of Abishag, thus renewing his pretensions to the throne, for which he was put to death, 1Ki 1:1-2:46.