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Strong Concordance 2Sa 18:27 And the watchman [06822] said [0559], Me thinketh [07200] the running [04794] of the foremost [07223] is like the running [04794] of Ahimaaz [0290] the son [01121] of Zadok [06659]. And the king [04428] said [0559], He is a good [02896] man [0376], and cometh [0935] with good [02896] tidings [01309].

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AHIMAAZ The son and successor of Zadok became high priest in the reign of Solomon. During the reign of David, he revealed to him the counsels of Absalom and his advisers in rebellion, 2Sa 17:15-21; and conveyed to him also the tidings of Absalom's defeat and death, 2Sa 18:1-33.