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Strong Concordance Ge 32:19 And so [01571] commanded he [06680] the second [08145], and the third [07992], and all that followed [01980] [0310] the droves [05739], saying [0559], On this manner [01697] shall ye speak [01696] unto Esau [06215], when ye find [04672] him.

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
ESAU The son of Isaac, and twin brother of Jacob, Ge 25:1-34. He was the elder of the two, and was therefore legally the heir, but sold his birthright to Jacob. We have an account of his ill-advised marriages, Ge 26:34; of his loss of his father's chief blessing, and his consequent anger against Jacob, Ge 27:1-46; of their subsequent reconciliation, Ge 32:1-33:20; and of his posterity, Ge 36:1-43. He is also called Edom; and settled in the mountains south of the Dead Sea, extending to the gulf of Akaba, where he became very powerful. This country was called from him the land of Edom, and afterwards IDUMAEA, which see.