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Strong Concordance Ge 3:11 And he said [0559], Who [04310] told [05046] thee that thou wast naked [05903]? Hast thou eaten [0398] of the tree [06086], whereof I commanded thee [06680] that thou shouldest not [01115] eat [0398]?

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
NAKED In the Bible, often means no more than "not fully dressed." So in Joh 21:7, Peter is said to have been "naked," that is, he had laid off his outer garment, and had on only his inner garment or tunic. See GARMENT. So probably in Isa 20:2 Mic 1:8 Ac 19:16. Sometimes poorness and insufficiency of clothing are meant, as in Jas 2:15. So in Isa 58:7 2Co 11:27. A nation is said to be "naked," when stripped of its defenses, wealth, etc., Ge 42:9 Ex 32:25 2Ch 28:19.

"Nakedness" is also put for shame. To "uncover the nakedness" denotes an unlawful or incestuous union, Le 20:19.