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Strong Concordance Ge 19:11 And they smote [05221] the men [0582] that were at the door [06607] of the house [01004] with blindness [05575], both small [06996] and great [01419]: so that they wearied [03811] themselves to find [04672] the door [06607].

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
BLINDNESS This distressing malady is very prevalent in the East. Many physical causes in those countries unite to injure the organs of vision. The sun is hot, and in the atmosphere floats a very fine dust, which enters and frets the eye. The armies of France and England, which were so long in Egypt during the French was, suffered severely from ophthalmic disease. In the cities of Egypt, blindness is perpetuated as a contagious disease by the filthy habits of the natives. It is of frequent occurrence also on the coast of Syria. In ancient times the eyes of person hated or feared were often torn out, Jud 16:21 1Sa 11:2 2Ki 25:7. Blindness was sometimes inflicted as a punishment, Ge 19:11 Ac 13:6; and it was often threatened as a penalty, De 28:28. The Jews were enjoined by the humane laws of Moses to show all kindness and consideration to the blind, Le 19:14 De 27:18. No one affected with this infirmity could officiate as priest, Le 21:18.

Our Savior miraculously cured many cases of blindness, both that which was caused by disease and that which had existed from birth. In these cases there was a double miracle; for not only was the organ of sight restored, but also the faculty of using it which is usually gained only by long experience, Mr 8:22-25. The touching of the eyes of the blind, and anointing them with clay, Mt 9:29 Joh 9:6, can not have had any medicinal or healing effect. The healing was miraculous, by the power of God.

"Blindness" is often used for ignorance and error, especially our sinful want of discernment as to spiritual things, Mt 15:14 2Co 4:4. The abuse of God's mercy increases this blindness, Joh 12:40. Blessed are the eyes that fix their adoring gaze first of all on the Redeemer.