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BETH-SHEMESH House of the sun,

1. A city of Judah given to the priests, Jos 21:16 1Ch 6:59 1Sa 6:15. It lay fifteen miles west of Jerusalem, near the border of Dan and of the Philistines, Jos 15:10 1Sa 6:12. Probably the same as Irshemesh, Jos 19:41. It is memorable for a battle between Judah and Israel, in which Amaziah was defeated, 2Ki 14:12-14; and for the return of the ark from among the Philistines, and the punishment of those who then profaned it, 1Sa 6:1-21. There is reason to suppose the numbers in 1Sa 6:19 should be translated "threescore and ten men, even fifty out of one thousand," or one in two hundred of the men of the city.

2. A celebrated city in Egypt, Jer 43:13.