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BEER-SHEBA The well of the oath, Ge 21:31; 26:31,33, a city twenty-eight miles southwest of Hebron, at the southern extremity of the Holy Land. Dan lay at the northern extremity; so that the phrase, "from Dan to Beersheba," means, the whole length of the land, Jud 20:1. At Beersheba, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob often dwelt, Ge 21:31; 22:19; 26:33; 28:10; 46:1. The town that afterwards rose here was first assigned to Judah, and then to Simeon, Jos 15:28; 19:2. Here Samuel established his sons as judges, 1Sa 8:2. Elijah rested here on his way to Horeb, 1Ki 19:3. It was a seat of idolatry in the time of Uzziah, Am 5:5; 8:14. After the captivity, it was repeopled by the Jews, Ne 11:27,30, and continued a large village many centuries after the coming of Christ. Dr. Robinson found its site at Bir-es-Seba, on the border of the great desert south of Canaan-the ruins of a small straggling city, and two deep stone wells of excellent water, surrounded by stone troughs, and bearing the marks of great antiquity.