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Word American Tract Society - Definition
BARZILLAI 1. Of Meholah in Simeon; father of Adriel, who married Merab, the daughter of Saul, 1Sa 18:19 2Sa 21:8

2. An aged and wealthy Gileadite, a friend of David when he was in exile during Absalom's rebellion. He sent a liberal supply of provisions, beds, and other conveniences for the use of the king's followers, 2Sa 17:27 19:32. On David's return, Barzillai accompanied him as far as Jordan, but declined, in consequence of his great age, to proceed to Jerusalem, and receive the favors the king had intended for him. David, in his final charge to Solomon, enjoined upon him to show kindness to Barzillai's family, and to make them members of the royal household, 1Ki 2:7

3. A priest who married a daughter of the above, Ezr 2:61 Ne 7:63.