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Word American Tract Society - Definition
BARTIMEUS Son of Timeus, a blind man, to whom Christ gave sight, by the wayside near Jericho, Mt 20.29-34; Mr 10.46-52; Lu 18.35-43. There were two healed, according to Matthew; but Mark and Luke only mention Bartimeus, who bore his father's name, as though of a well known family. There is an apparent disagreement as to the time of the occurrence, which has led some to suppose there were two causes at different times, one as Christ entered Jericho and the other as he left it. We may rather suppose that Bartimeus heard the approach of Christ, Lu 18:35, and learned who he was on the first day; and encouraged by the mercy of the Savior to Zaccheus, and being joined by another blind man, called to him for help as he again passed by on his way to Jerusalem. The touching narrative of his steadfast faith, and Christ's ready compassion, should encourage all to go boldly unto Jesus.