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Word American Tract Society - Definition
AROER 1. An ancient city on the north side of the Arnon, in the southern border of the tribe of Reuben, De 2:36 4:48 Jos 13:9. It was in the territory of the Amorites, Jos 12:2, but seems to have fallen at a later day into the hands of Moab, Jer 48:19. See ARNON.

2. A town in the tribe of God, probably east of Rabbath-Ammon, Jos 13:25, and perhaps on the Jabbok, 2Sa 24:5. It is mentioned in Jud 11:33

3. A town of Judah, to which David sent presents, 1Sa 30:28 1Ch 11:44. Robinson found traces of it about sixteen miles south by west from Hebron.