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ARMS AND ARMOR The Hebrews used in war offensive arms of the same kinds as were employed by other people of their time and of the East-swords, lances, spears, darts, javelins, bows, arrows, and slings. For defense armor, they used helmets, cuirasses, bucklers, armor for the thighs, etc. See WAR.

In the accompanying engravings are represented specimens of the various weapons anciently used; also of the several parts of the armor for defense, and the manner in which they were worn:

1. The cuirass, or defense of the body-this is called in Scripture the coat of mail, habergeon, and breastplate; it appears to have been made of leather or some pliant material, sometimes covered with metallic scales, and capable of taking the form of the parts of the body it protected;

2. The helmet, usually of metal, with its flowing crest;

3. The shield, target, or buckler, either of wood covered with tough hides, or of metal;

4. The leg-pieces, or greaves, of thick leather or brass: also the bow and arrow; the battleaxe; the spear, dart, and javelin or short spear; and the sword with its sheath, the ancient sword being short, straight, and two-edged.

Each Jewish tribe had its own banner. Under Abomination is a cut representing the ensigns of the Roman legions, which the Jews regarded as idolatrous, not only because they had been consecrated to idols, and by heathen priests, but as they had images on them, and were objects of adoration. Ex 20:4.