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Word American Tract Society - Definition
APOLLOS A Jew of Alexandria, a learned and eloquent man, who through the Scriptures and the ministry of John the Baptist became a Christian. He visited Ephesus about A. D. 54, and publicly proclaimed his faith in Christ; whereupon he was further instructed in gospel truth. Passing thence into Achia, he preached with great power and success, especially among the Jews, Ac 19:1 1Co 3:6. His character was not unlike that of Paul; they were equally grieved at the dissension of the Corinthians, and at those personal partialities which led many away from Christ, 1Co 3:4-22 16:12; and they cooperated to the end in serving him, Tit 3:13. Jerome is of opinion that Apollos afterwards returned to Corinth from Crete.