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Word American Tract Society - Definition
AMASA 1. David's nephew, the son of Abigail, David's sister, and Jether an Ishmaelite. His percentage may have led David to show him less favor than his other nephews, and this may have disposed him to join in the rebellion of Absalom. He was the general of Absalom's army, and was defeated by his cousin Joab, 2Sa 17:1-18:33. David afterwards offered him a pardon and the command of his troops in the place of Joab, whose overbearing conduct he could no longer endure, 2Sa 19:13. But in the confusion of Sheba's rebellion, Amasa was treacherously murdered by his powerful rival, 2Sa 20:4-10. B. C. 1022.

2. A chief of Ephraim, who opposed retaining as bondsmen the men of Judah taken captive in a war with Pekah king of Israel, 2Ch 28:12.