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Word American Tract Society - Definition
ALEXANDER 1. The Great, the famous son and successor of Philip, king of Macedon. He is alluded to in Da 7:6 8:4-7, under the figures of a leopard with four wings, and a one-horned he-goat, representing the swiftness of his conquests and his great strength. He was appointed by God to destroy the Persian Empire and substitute the Grecian. In the statue seen by Nebuchadnezzar in his dream, Da 2:39, the belly of brass was the emblem of Alexander. He succeeded his father B. C. 336, and within twelve years overran Syria, Palestine, and Egypt, founded Alexandria, conquered the Persians, and penetrated far into the Indies. He died at the age of thirty-two, from the effects of intemperance, and left his vast empire to be divided among his four generals.

2. Son of Simon the Cyrenian, Mr 15:21, apparently one of the more prominent early Christians.

3. One of the council who condemned Peter and John, Ac 4:6

4. A Jew of Ephesus, who sought in vain to quiet the popular commotion respecting Paul, Ac 4:6

5. A coppersmith, and apostate from Christianity, 1Ti 1:20 2Ti 4:14.