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AHIMELECH 1. Son of Ahitub, and brother of Ahiah, whom he succeeded in the high priesthood. Some think, however, that both names belong to the same person. During his priesthood the tabernacle was at Nob, where Ahimelech dwelt, with many priests. Here he received David when fleeing from Saul, and gave him the showbread and Goliath's sword. This act, as reported by Doeg the Edomite, Saul viewed as treasonous; and by the hand of this idolatrous and malignant foreigner, he put Ahimelech and eighty-five other priests of Jehovah to death, 1Sa 22:1-23?a crime sufficient of itself to forfeit the throne and the favor of God.

2. Also called Abimelech, 1Ch 18:16, probably the same as Abiathar, which see, 1Ch 24:3,6,31.