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Selected Verse: Jeremiah 50:38 - Strong Concordance

Verse         Translation Text
Jer 50:38 Strong Concordance A drought [02721] is upon her waters [04325]; and they shall be dried up [03001]: for it is the land [0776] of graven images [06456], and they are mad [01984] upon their idols [0367].
  King James A drought is upon her waters; and they shall be dried up: for it is the land of graven images, and they are mad upon their idols.

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A Commentary, Critical, Practical, and Explanatory on the Old and New Testaments, by Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset and David Brown [1882]
drought--Altering the pointing, this verse will begin as the three previous verses, "A sword." However, all the pointed manuscripts read, "A drought," as English Version. Cyrus turned off the waters of the Euphrates into a new channel and so marched through the dried-up bed into the city (Jer 51:32). Babylonia once was famed for its corn, which often yielded from one to two hundredfold [HERODOTUS]. This was due to its network of water-courses from the Euphrates for irrigation, traces of which [LAYARD] are seen still on all sides, but dry and barren (Isa 44:27).

their idols--literally, "terrors." They are mad after idols that are more calculated to frighten than to attract (Jer 51:44, Jer 51:47, Jer 51:52; Dan 3:1). Mere bugbears with which to frighten children.
1 Nebuchadnezzar [05020] the king [04430] made [05648] an image [06755] of gold [01722], whose height [07314] was threescore [08361] cubits [0521], and the breadth [06613] thereof six [08353] cubits [0521]: he set it up [06966] in the plain [01236] of Dura [01757], in the province [04083] of Babylon [0895].
52 Wherefore, behold, the days [03117] come [0935], saith [05002] the LORD [03068], that I will do judgment [06485] upon her graven images [06456]: and through all her land [0776] the wounded [02491] shall groan [0602].
47 Therefore, behold, the days [03117] come [0935], that I will do judgment [06485] upon the graven images [06456] of Babylon [0894]: and her whole land [0776] shall be confounded [0954], and all her slain [02491] shall fall [05307] in the midst [08432] of her.
44 And I will punish [06485] Bel [01078] in Babylon [0894], and I will bring forth [03318] out of his mouth [06310] that which he hath swallowed up [01105]: and the nations [01471] shall not flow together [05102] any more unto him: yea, the wall [02346] of Babylon [0894] shall fall [05307].
27 That saith [0559] to the deep [06683], Be dry [02717], and I will dry up [03001] thy rivers [05104]:
32 And that the passages [04569] are stopped [08610], and the reeds [098] they have burned [08313] with fire [0784], and the men [0582] of war [04421] are affrighted [0926].
16 Thy fierce wrath [02740] goeth over [05674] me; thy terrors [01161] have cut me off [06789].
24 I have laid a snare [03369] for thee, and thou art also taken [03920], O Babylon [0894], and thou wast not aware [03045]: thou art found [04672], and also caught [08610], because thou hast striven [01624] against the LORD [03068].