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Selected Verse: 2 Chronicles 26:10 - Strong Concordance

Verse         Translation Text
2Ch 26:10 Strong Concordance Also he built [01129] towers [04026] in the desert [04057], and digged [02672] many [07227] wells [0953]: for he had much [07227] cattle [04735], both in the low country [08219], and in the plains [04334]: husbandmen [0406] also, and vine dressers [03755] in the mountains [02022], and in Carmel [03760]: for he loved [0157] husbandry [0127].
  King James Also he built towers in the desert, and digged many wells: for he had much cattle, both in the low country, and in the plains: husbandmen also, and vine dressers in the mountains, and in Carmel: for he loved husbandry.

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A Commentary, Critical, Practical, and Explanatory on the Old and New Testaments, by Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset and David Brown [1882]
Also he built towers in the desert--for the threefold purpose of defense, of observation, and of shelter to his cattle. He dug also a great many wells, for he loved and encouraged all branches of agriculture. Some of these "were in the desert," that is, in the district to the southeast of Jerusalem, on the west of the Dead Sea, an extensive grazing district "in the low country" lying between the mountains of Judah and the Mediterranean; "and in the plains," east of the Jordan, within the territory of Reuben (Deu 4:43; Jos 20:8).

in Carmel--This mountain, being within the boundary of Israel, did not belong to Uzziah; and as it is here placed in opposition to the vine-bearing mountains, it is probably used, not as a proper name, but to signify, as the word denotes, "fruitful fields" (Margin).
8 And on the other side [05676] Jordan [03383] by Jericho [03405] eastward [04217], they assigned [05414] Bezer [01221] in the wilderness [04057] upon the plain [04334] out of the tribe [04294] of Reuben [07205], and Ramoth [07216] in Gilead [01568] out of the tribe [04294] of Gad [01410], and Golan [01474] in Bashan [01316] out of the tribe [04294] of Manasseh [04519].
43 Namely, Bezer [01221] in the wilderness [04057], in the plain [04334] country [0776], of the Reubenites [07206]; and Ramoth [07216] in Gilead [01568], of the Gadites [01425]; and Golan [01474] in Bashan [01316], of the Manassites [04520].
8 And the Ammonites [05984] gave [05414] gifts [04503] to Uzziah [05818]: and his name [08034] spread abroad [03212] even to the entering [0935] in of Egypt [04714]; for he strengthened [02388] himself exceedingly [04605].