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Selected Verse: 1 Chronicles 21:11 - Strong Concordance

Verse         Translation Text
1Ch 21:11 Strong Concordance So Gad [01410] came [0935] to David [01732], and said [0559] unto him, Thus saith [0559] the LORD [03068], Choose [06901] thee
  King James So Gad came to David, and said unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Choose thee

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A Commentary, Critical, Practical, and Explanatory on the Old and New Testaments, by Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset and David Brown [1882]
Choose thee, &c.--To the three evils these correspond in beautiful agreement: three years, three months, three days [BERTHEAU]. (See on Sa2 24:13).
13 So Gad [01410] came [0935] to David [01732], and told [05046] him, and said [0559] unto him, Shall seven [07651] years [08141] of famine [07458] come [0935] unto thee in thy land [0776]? or wilt thou flee [05127] three [07969] months [02320] before [06440] thine enemies [06862], while they pursue [07291] thee? or that there be three [07969] days [03117]' pestilence [01698] in thy land [0776]? now advise [03045], and see [07200] what answer [01697] I shall return [07725] to him that sent [07971] me.