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Selected Verse: Genesis 18:3 - Strong Concordance

Verse         Translation Text
Ge 18:3 Strong Concordance And said [0559], My Lord [0136], if now I have found [04672] favour [02580] in thy sight [05869], pass not away [05674], I pray thee, from thy servant [05650]:
  King James And said, My Lord, if now I have found favour in thy sight, pass not away, I pray thee, from thy servant:

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A Commentary, Critical, Practical, and Explanatory on the Old and New Testaments, by Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset and David Brown [1882]
My Lord, if now I have found favor--The hospitalities offered are just of the kind that are necessary and most grateful, the refreshment of water, for feet exposed to dust and heat by the sandals, being still the first observed among the pastoral people of Hebron.
8 And he said [0559], Lord [0136] GOD [03069], whereby [04100] shall I know [03045] that I shall inherit it [03423]?