What is a Reference?

A reference is a way for you to identify a set of verses to display.  A reference can take the following input forms:

    Entering 1 John 5:1 displays the 1st verse from the 5th chapter in the book 1 John.
    Entering 1 John 5:1-3 displays the verses 1 through 3 from the 5th chapter in the book 1 John.
    Entering 1 John 5:1-3, 8, 11 displays verses 1 through 3, 8 and 11 from the 5th chapter in the book 1 John.

More than 1 reference can be entered, just separate them with a semi-colon.
For example, entering 1 John 5:1 ; Genesis 1:1-2 ; Exodus 30:12-14, 16 will display:

    Verse 1 from the 5th chapter in the book 1 John.
    Verses 1 through 2 from the 1st chapter in the book Genesis.
    Verses 12 through 14 and verse 16 from the 30th chapter in the book Exodus.

A mix of upper and lower case letters is allowed.  For example, entering 1 john 5:1 or 1 joHN 5:1 is the same as entering 1 John 5:1.

You do not have to worry about spaces (or lack thereof) between the book, chapter, and verse designations.  These are also valid reference entries:

    1    John  5:  1
    1    John 5;    1-3,  8,    11
    1Jo  hn5:1    ;Genesis1:1-2  ; Exodus    30:12-  14,16

To reduce typing, abbreviations can be used to designate books.  The rules using the semi-colon to separate entries still applies.  Here is the abbreviation list:

Old Testament Abbreviation New Testament Abbreviation Additional Catholic/Vulgate Abbreviation
Genesis Ge Matthew Mt Tobit Tob
Exodus Ex Mark Mr Judith Jdth
Leviticus Le Luke Lu Wisdom Wis
Numbers Nu John Joh Ecclesiaticus Eccl
Deuteronomy De Acts Ac Baruch Bar
Joshua Jos Romans Ro 1 Maccabees 1Ma
Judges Jud 1 Corinthians 1Co 2 Maccabees 2Ma
Ruth Ru 2 Corinthians 2Co    
1 Samuel 1Sa Galatians Ga    
2 Samuel 2Sa Ephesians Eph    
1 Kings 1Ki Philippians Php    
2 Kings 2Ki Colossians Col    
1 Chronicles 1Ch 1 Thessalonians 1Th    
2 Chronicles 2Ch 2 Thessalonians 2Th    
Ezra Ezr 1 Timothy 1Ti    
Nehemiah Ne 2 Timothy 2Ti    
Esther Es Titus Tit    
Job Job Philemon Phm    
Psalms Ps Hebrews Heb    
Proverbs Pr James Jas    
Ecclesiates Ec 1 Peter 1Pe    
Song of Solomon So 2 Peter 2Pe    
Isaiah Isa 1 John 1Jo    
Jeremiah Jer 2 John 2Jo    
Lamentations La 3 John 3Jo    
Ezekiel Eze Jude Jude    
Daniel Da Revelation Re    
Hosea Ho        
Joel Joe        
Amos Am        
Obadiah Ob        
Jonah Jon        
Micah Mic        
Nahum Na        
Habakkuk Hab        
Zephaniah Zep        
Haggi Hag        
Zechariah Zec        
Malachi Mal