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Strong Concordance Mt 4:20 And [1161] they straightway [2112] left [863] their nets [1350], and followed [190] him [846].

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Word American Tract Society - Definition
NETS Are often referred to in Scripture, Pr 1:17 Ec 7:26 Isa 19:8,9 Hab 1:15,16, particularly in connection with the first disciples of Christ, Mt 4:18 13:47-50 Lu 5:1-10. Before the invention of fire-arms, nets were much used in hunting and fowling, and possible in catching men, as robbers, etc., Job 19:6 Ps 140:5 Mic 7:2. Among the ancient Romans there was a gladiatorial game, in which one man was armed with sword and shield, and his antagonist with a net, by casting which he strove to entangle the other so that he might easily dispatch him with has dagger.